Tuesday, April 12, 2016

And Now It's April

I guess the blog re-boot didn't really work...but maybe now it will with things amping up for the wedding.
Pretty much everything is done.
Picked a date
Picked the wedding party and asked them.
They said yes
Made a phone call to the church
Got a meeting with the Church Lady
Found out we might not make our date, because we needed to fill out a bunch of paperwork
Filled out paperwork
Found a photographer
I found my dress
Working on the veil
Save the Dates were made and sent out
Secured my reception venue
Picked out bridesmaid dresses
Caterer is secured.
Ice cream station is ordered.
Centerpieces are set.
Booked the band
Set 2 showers. One one the West Side and one on the East Side
Bachelorette party is getting planned
All paperwork got finished at the church and we are secured with the date
Took the church test...will find out if we passed next weekend.
Invitations are ordered
Honeymoon is booked.
Florist is secured.

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