Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bodybuilding Extreme

Last night my hula family and I went out and support our hula brother, Stefan, as he participated in the Emerald Cup at Snoqualmie Casino. It is a bodybuilding competition, if you didn't know. He competed in the Open Men division and although he looked really big and natural, there were other men in the competition that were bigger and more musclely than he was.

It was interesting to watch and made many of my hula family ready to hit the gym today and not the buffet after. There were tons of different muscles popping out of these bodybuilders bodies, muscles that I know I have, but have never seen before. Plus there were people all the way past 70 competing. If only I could look as good as any of them when I'm that old.

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tiwalani said...

had a great time with you friend!! :) thanks for coming to hang out with us!!