Sunday, June 05, 2011

Why We Relayed Here Instead of There

This year Team H.U.L.A raised the most money it has ever raised, walked only 12 hours instead of 24, had 2 tent sites instead of 1, and had tons of fun.
Normally our team would walk in the Tacoma Relay for Life, but after being "sssshhhhhed" every year we decided that we would need to fine a new home for us to walk. It was decided that a 12 hour relay, where they encourage you to stay up all night and play music all night would be a better fit for our team and it really was until they told us we couldn't have food inside the track! Man, we just can't win!
Although it just meant that we had 2 tent sites, a food tent and a walking tent. It all worked out and we walked and walked and walked until the end....well I didn't. I left around midnight after I did 6 miles (24 laps), but everyone else walked!

Go Team H.U.L.A!

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