CrossFit-n-It January 2013

My friend and I went to breakfast and after over an hour of telling me about her new fitness craze, she decided I was doing it with her and for Christmas she was buying me a month's membership at the place she was going to.  Hence the starting of a new journey I'm taking at least for a month.
On this page I will be posting my highs and lows and what we did for each workout as I want a record of how I'm improving and what I did this month.  Jeah for Joyous January!

Training Day
(actually my trial run was in December before the holidays)
Warmup: 2x's 50 single jumps
                       10 burpies
Workout: 15min. timed (see how many times you get through the rotation)
50 single jumps
40 squats
30 situps
20 pushups
10 jumping pull ups

Day 1 (1/7)
Mile run 14:30
50 burpies (timed) 6:50

Day 2 (1/9)
Warmup: 5 dead lifts with increasing weight (bar was 30) 80lbs. (lifted 15 times)
Workout: 4 rounds 14:26
50 single jumps
25 box jumps (which I stepped up and down)
15 wall balls (squat and throw a ball up the wall)

Day 3 (1/11) 
Warmup: 10 Junk Yard Dogs (partner)- made it 2x's through
                One person sits down with legs straight out and puts arms out. The other person jumps (two feet together) over their right arm, legs, and then the other set arm.  Then one partner makes like a rock and the other person jumps over them, then the person who is a rock makes a tunnel and you climb under. 
Workout: (Partner) 25 min amrap (as many reps as possible)
100 Seated Push Press (seated on the ground, pushing a bar up above head)
100 Jump Squats (squat with bar at chest, push up and jump)
100 Thrusters (squat with bar at chest, push up over head)
100 Ohs (squat with bar over head)
Partner holds Plank
When the plank drops you switch positions or when you can't do any more of the 100, then you call switch.
-My partner and I started with 25 each, but then she had to lower her contribution, because it was her first day back, so I did more of the workout and she held the plank longer.  We did 422! Take that, although I wish I would have done a regular plank (I did girl planks instead).  Oh well, there is always next time.

The rest of the CrossFit posts are under crossfit-n-it label.

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