Monday, June 06, 2011

Mariners Seating

Just about every two weeks, I've gotten the wonderful opportunity to go and watch the Mariners play and now that they are doing well, it's been a lot more fun to get to go to the games. I've sat all over the field, but what I've found that I've liked the best is sitting out in left field. There is hardly any stairs to climb, you still feel close to the action, the bathrooms aren't too far away, and you can watch the pitchers warm up. So the last time we went we sat out there and had a wonderful time in the sun. This time we were supposed to sit out there again, but plans changed a bit. Yes, I bought tickets out there, front row if you must know, but that isn't where we sat.
We got there during batting practice and found that the 100 level was looking pretty empty, so we headed down the stairs instead of up, to catch some batting practice and to see what it feels like to sit close to the field. Batting practice ended shortly after we got there and the ushers were coming around checking tickets and making sure that everyone who was down there was supposed to be down there, well they never came and check our tickets, so we stayed.
We figured that sooner or later someone would come and claim there seats, but no one did! YES!
So instead of being front row in Sect. 185 for $15 a piece, we were row 21 Sect. 144 for $15 a piece, normally $43! Yes!!!!

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