Saturday, May 07, 2011

"Big" Purchase

Today I made a "big" purchase that I've been wanting to make for a very long time. I've needed this for a very long time and my feet and body are going to thank me over and over again for the purchase I made today.
I went to a store in the Kent Station and took the plunge at Road Runner Sports. There I meet Drew, who took the 12 min. test. He sized my foot, had me walk/run on the treadmill, and then had me step on this super comfy padding so he could mold the insoles to my good. Of course, my foot is almost perfect. I have awesome arches even though my right arch is a little higher than the other and when I walk my feet don't roll in even though my feet are totally pointed to the side when I walk!
So today I purchased custom fit insoles

a pair of Nike Vomeros,

some non-cotton socks, and I became a VIP, they even rang a cow bell for me. I raised my hands in the air and fist pumped, just like I'm going to do at the end of the triathlon.

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Anne C. said...

Awesome! I did something similar and it's been the best thing for me. I have flat feet and my feet roll in so finding the right shoes was important.
I'm so excited for you and if I can be there I will fist pump for you!