Thursday, April 07, 2011

Will You Dance?

That is the question that I got asked 2 weeks before my nephew's birthday. I had kind of thought I had gotten off the hook as I hadn't been asked. I had danced at my nieceroo's party, but since I am currently on a "break" from hula, I thought maybe no one would ask. But I was wrong and I got asked.
I decided I would dance a song by Olomana (located on the side, if you want to hear it) called E Ku'u Sweet Lei Ponia Ole. It is a beautiful song that I actually grew up listening too, but didn't remember it until I saw who actually sang it. It was also one of the first dances I learned at hula.
So my bil asked the entertainment if they knew the song, sad enough they didn't. So yet again, I thought I was off the hook, but nope. My dad stepped up to the plate and learned it off of youtube. We pulled together some Saturday practices (weekend before and day of) and we were up and running. My bil even helped my dad out in playing the uke.
In the end I really loved dancing it and because it was a solo, I didn't mess up at all. Hee hee. It was videotaped, but I haven't seen it yet, so here is a picture of it.

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