Monday, March 14, 2011

Get-Away Weekend

Needed to get away, so I went to see my sis, bil, my nieceroo, and nephew. I loved my time there as there is no pressures to be going and doing things. I can just sit and be...well as much as my nieceroo and nephew will let me.
After doing some midnight shopping/bonding with my sister at Walmart, I was woken up early the next morning by my nieceroo who was ready to play. We colored and played with her dolls. Then we played school and her brother woke up, so we played with him for awhile. We hung out in our pj's most of the morning and I showed her that my camera has a remote that she could used and take pictures of herself and the rest of us. So she wore out the battery in my camera clickng away.

What's even more excited to me, is that I will be back there with them next weekend to celebrate my nephew's first birthday. He has grown up so much, even though he isn't walking yet or saying many words, he's learned how to flirt and be a little rascal! We all need to have skills I guess!

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iwalani said...

awww they're getting so big!! i love it!! :)