Thursday, July 01, 2010

Big Brother!!!

In 8 days, Big Brother's back and I'm super excited. They just announced the house guests and I've already got a favorite! Can you guess?

I so can't wait!!!!

Speaking of TV...I haven't been able to watch it because my converter box blew up and now just makes a high pitched screeching noise. I haven't really missed it, but now with me being home and me wanting to watch tv, it kind of sucks. So I had to make some decisions. Get another box, get cable, or get a new tv, so I don't need a box. So many options and all costly!
After debating it for a bit. I decided to do some pricing. Cable was going to be $17 a month, a new tv at least $200 or more, and another box...well see here's the thing. Another box was hard to find. All stores stopped selling them over a year ago, which is about when the whole switch took effect. Online they were outrageous, so I took my plight to ebay and began bidding on different converter boxes.
I started bidding on one and I was outbid. So I found another one and started bidding. Every time I put in a bid, the other person bid a dollar higher. I couldn't figure out how he (cause obviously he is a boy) was doing it. Then I realized there was a button where you could put your max. bid in and the computer would bid for you until it got to your max. I thought it would be perfect, so I put $40 in and watched the bidding happen. As I was watching I found another button that showed me other items the same person was selling. I clicked on it and found another converter box, but no one was bidding on it and it was only $18. What?!?! I just put in a bid for $26 or the other one...
I tried to go back and change my max. bid, but once that is in, there is no changing it! Boo! I was stuck!!! Luckily for me the bid only went up to $31 and I won it, so with shipping I will pay $41. The other one though, only ended up going for $26.10. Booo!


Liana said...


can't you get one via Comcast?

Kilipohi said...

I could if I had cable....need to figure something out!