Friday, July 02, 2010



Yep, it's true. I was asked to move to 4th grade at the end of the school year and I said yes...not that I could say no. Although at the beginning I wasn't too happy about it, I've gotten used to the idea. I was ready for a change and really it's an easier change than moving schools or even districts. I am excited to see some of the kids again, as they were the kids that started in my 1st grade and then I took some of them with me as I went up the next year into the 1st/2nd split. I am also excited about teaching with a new team. They have been teaching together for a long time and they know the grade.
What scares me though is that I really don't know the grade level curriculum and I've never ever listened to anything when they've talked about the older grades, because I never saw myself teaching anything higher than 3rd for sure.
So next year will be a new beginning for me. A new start. It will be fun, but oh what a change it will be.


Lindsay said...

are you teaching 4th grade next year? and if so, is that what you wanted?

Perry said...

4th grade rocks! Ann Marie is teaching it now too! Lindsay, everyone want to teach 4th grade! :)