Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2 Days In...

So we are two days into my adventure and I've already had waaay too much fun. After an amazing massage from Roxanne, I headed out to lunch with Rondee Kim. (I wish I took a picture, but I totally forgot) It was the yummiest mexican and a great time to catch up with a friend.  Then it was on to Springfield and dinner with Janell and her family at Coburg pizza. It was super yummy pizza and a great time to catch up as well.  Today I've found a new show to watch, Flea Market Flip, got to hang out with Anne, paint pottery, paint some more crafts, and ate more yummy food.
Tomorrow I leave for my photography workshop, Hometown Workshop.  I'm super excited but totally nervous.  I hope that it's so much fun that all my nausea and anxiety goes away. I can't wait to meet you Karen.

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