Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Know...

I totally know you are wondering what the 3rd thing to happen on Friday was (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, read here)
So here it is. A couple of weeks ago, my whole family was together talking about the football games they were going to and I was sad that I wasn't going with any of them to them. So I just pouted a bit, although usually I would make a big deal about it and say, "WOW! I'm glad I got invited." Then Friday comes along and I have no plans for the weekend, so Riles and I go on a "last minute" camping trip to Ocean Shores. We arrive around 7 and at 8, I get a phone message from my mom to see how my week went and to talk about parking for tomorrow (Saturday) I wonder what she is talking about and then it dawns on me partially. I ask Riles if he remembers me telling him I was going to the UH UW game and he says no. I call my mom back and ask what she is talking about and she politely tells me I was going to the game with them tomorrow. Then I have to politely tell her that I didn't write it down anywhere so I had forgotten!!! And I wasn't in town. She told me to come home and I told her I was in Ocean Shores. Not really a quick drive home.... I repeatedly apologize for forgetting and not writing it down and I would pay for it and then tell her to have my dad call me, so I can apologize to him as well.
I felt awful for the rest of the night and really the weekend. Riles and I got to watch parts of the game during lunch,but UH was getting beat up pretty well.
One good thing to come out of it was that my friend Cassie took my ticket and went to the game with my parents. She had a fun time and came out with a W, so I guess that is all that matters...
I guess it is true about things coming in threes!!!

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