Sunday, September 04, 2011

Happy 60th!

My mom and my aunt are amazing women and recently they have and are celebrating some pretty big birthdays. My aunt celebrated her 50th with a kayak ride up on the San Juans
and now my mom is celebrating her birthday at Adventura Challenge Course. Yep! It's a high ropes course.

It was a mother daughter spectacular, oh and Mr. Sun came out and joined us too. We got there, got all harnessed in, and then we some practicing before they let us up the ropes. To get up there, we had to climb up a cargo net, that of course looks easier than it really is. Then we were off on our own to do which ever elements that we wanted to.
I did some walking across logs, across wires, across ropes, and some jumping from one platform to another. We all had a blast, but with sun beating down on us all day, I got a little light headed and needed all my water! Good thing I brought some.
After doing almost all of the elements, I was ready to touch some ground, so down I went. At dinner my hands and legs were a little sore and I couldn't through a football worth a darn, but I'm kind of worried how sore I'm going to be tomorrow when I wake up.

photos courtesy of yelp and other people who took their camera. I was so sad that I didn't take my camera out of the car, but then again, I also didn't want to break my camera as well.

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