Thursday, August 04, 2011


While I waited for the swim to start, I watched all the other people start and I got over my nerves and was just ready to go. I wanted to get it over with, so I could enjoy the rest of my vacation and eat and relax and not have to worry. But it was also a little surreal as I saw people running around with cameras and I kept thinking that is what I am supposed to be doing. I take the pictures and everyone else competes, but this time it was me competing and not taking the pictures.
Finally my time came up and I walked down the hill and into the water. As I was walking down the hill, I made some new friends (by commenting on her toenail polish) that encouraged me that everything was going to be okay. The gun went off for the last time and we were swimming. There were lots of bodies and lots of waves and I ended up drinking some water, but I kept swimming and never stopped. I knew if I stopped I would never start again. I swam and swam and swam. Then over on the shore I heard some screaming...GO KILI! KEEP GOING! SWIM HARD! My family had arrived and were rooting me on. I swam to towers and go out. Slipped on my slippers and drank the water handed to me. All I really wanted to know what my time was in the water so I could decide what to do on the bike (bike fast or slow)
I made it in no time to the transition, slipped on my shirt, socks, shoes, helmet and sunglasses and I was off again to ride. My cheering team had re-positioned themselves to a new spot and were cheering me on again. They seemed to be the loudest people there! Off I rode to my three laps. There were some slight hills, but not too many thank goodness, which I rode my hardest on and then coasted down them. I did do some passing of people and one time I even thought it was a good idea to pass a girl on a hill, Seriously! What was I thinking?!?!?! One thing that kind of sucked, was that we had let some of the air out of my tires so the ride wouldn't be so "bumpy", but I think we let too much out, so I had to work a little harder. Oh well, better looking muscles right? As I was riding, I found that there was a clock on one of the reader boards that gave me new life. It was showing me that I was riding my bike at 8:50, which I didn't think was going to be possible. I then decided that instead of being done closer to 11. I was going to be done closer to 10!!! A whole hour earlier.
After finishing the bike, I hung it up, took off my helmet, and was off to the run, which I ended up walking fast..super fast. I ended up catching up to people I had set my eyes on and even ran a bit. On the run everyone was super encouraging and cheering each other on. Toward the last mile, I ran into my fans again and my sister even did some walking with me. I walked out around the pond and then came back to the finish line, where my Godparents passed a lei and a high five on to me, trying to pass my last triathlete friend. I decided I was going to pass her and run the last part and with a little help from my sister (BEAT HER!) I took off and passed her and thought everything was good until I heard that she was catching up to me and as we passed the finish line, she passed me! Boo! But it didn't matter, cause I was done. I had finished my first triathlon in 2 hours!!! I was so happy. I gave everyone hugs and was DONE!!!


Mrs Ivy said...

I am SO proud of you!!! You took on the challenge and blew it away- Such an inspiration! Love you!! XOXOXO

Dawn DePaulo said...

Congratulations Kili! You did it and you are Awesome! Love ya!

Jeni said...

You are such an AMAZING person Kili!!! Very Proud of YOU!!!

Melissa Carter said...

CONGRATS KILI!!! What an accomplishment - yes, you are a triathlete! keep up the great work, but remember to give yourself permission to relax your vigilance at least once a week to avoid burnout - and then get ready to do it again! So proud... hope to talk to you soon!