Monday, August 22, 2011

Day Three on the J-O-B

Today was super busy. Everyone slept in, thank goodness, because both kiddos were up last night one with a scary dream and the other with a poopy diaper. We watched a little My Little Pony about pony Applebottom who was picking all the apples from the tree, that is when my little nieceroo decided she wanted apple crisp for breakfast. The good thing was that we had the apples to make it. After the show was over, we all headed upstairs and made apple crisp for breakfast and then got ready to go to Mobius kids. Mobius kids is a science center for kids to come and discover and everything is set up at kid height. We had a fun time and then headed to the carousal at Riverfront Park. Nieceroo got to ride on her own horse and my nephew got to ride his own horse as well. He usually has to ride with an adult, but this time, he was a big boy and rode by himself. Of course there is no pictures of this as I had to have my hands on him at all time.
After that we headed home for lunch, naps, and then we were off again to another park with kids. We passed at least three parks and no kids were there (it was 4:30 5ish) Finally, we found a park with kids. We played and played and played and then finally we came home, had dinner, and invented a new game! Oh, you totally want to know I'm sure....
It is an inside game and we use lids of Safeway Soup containers.
Then it was bath for both kids and bedtime.

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