Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hike to the Book

Throughout college everyone talked about it, the hike to the book. It was the book this and the book that. Oh, what did you do this morning? Oh, we hiked to the book! There was no way that I ever wanted or even imagined that I myself one day would hike to the book, but today after over a year of talking about it with a friend, we made the hike to the book.
He told me it would kick my butt. He told me it wasn't easy. He told me it would even kick his butt. He told me it should only be 2 hours, as that is how long his 5th graders would take. I was going to do it and really had no worries in the world about it. I have been working out so much I thought I would be fine.
The day started out gorgeous over here. Blue skies and all.

Got up to the top of the pass and there was snow and rain. Lucky for us coming down the other side everything turned blue again.

We made it to the trail head around 10:30

and started the ascent up the Boy Scout Trail, looking for the blooms. (Oh yeah, that's how he did it, how he got me to hike the trail…"Oh the Spring is beautiful" and "You can take pictures of all the blooms.") Ummmm, there weren't many!

Buds were just starting.

So up the Boy Scout Trail (located closets to the hand)

we traveled and traveled and traveled and I died and then we traveled some more until we hit the Westberg Trail to the top (click on the picture to make it bigger to see the whole hike we did) where this elusive book is.
The book is housed at the top of the trail in a box, so after you make the ascent you can sign your name. And hell yeah! I signed my name! In big black letters, so everyone would know that I WAS THERE!

Then we came back down on the Girl Scout Trail, culminating in a 3 hour, 2,705 calorie burning hike. I was sooo done when we got back to the car....I needed water and food and ice for my whole body. Good thing we went and ate right away at the Iron Horse or I really think I might have wasted away, to look like the animal we saw at the beginning of the trail.

I'm so proud that we did it and I made it, but I don't think I'll be doing it again.

Click on this one to make it bigger as well....and um this is only halfway down!


sarahmarie0730 said...

Those "flowers" make me laugh:)

What a great accomplishment!

ashley riles said...

awesome! love it!

coachriles said...

it was a great Day!! I will never forget it