Saturday, August 15, 2015

It Was A Garage Saling Type of Day

We all jumped in the car and were excited about the possibilities of what the day had to hold.  We were going garage saling! The first stop, was our old neighbors house.  It was full of stuff and there I found this awesome ladder,

that will help me reach my top cupboards and not have to use a chair.  My mom got a tool box and hammer for Kekoa.  The next sale offered a corn hole game for my sis and bil that was all decked out in Coug crimson and grey.  We hit a few more with just a few books purchased.  We needed to re-fuel so a stop at Subway was in order, then back to the streets where we, I  mean, I hit the mother load.  I'd been looking for one for years and finally it offered it self... a bike!! All ready to go! And only $55! I was wearing a dress, so I had Riles ride it for me, before I jumped on it.  He enjoyed his ride, so then I got on and rode. It was like heaven on wheels. So easy to pedal, the seat was cushiny, and it had shocks, so my the ruts in the road weren't jarring to my body.  I was ready to ride it home.  The only thing was that it was a bit far.  I paid the lady and then we had to figure out how to fit it in my car along with all our other things and 4 people.  Thankfully we were able to do it with no problem. Now I'm ready to go riding!

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