Thursday, June 04, 2015

Jet Set-in

I love the Yankees and they were playing in Seattle only once this season.  Monday, Tuesday, and a day game Wednesday.  If I drove, I would have to take 2 days off, but then I found a cheap flight and just had to do it!
Parked the car in the dark.

Took a photo of me, super excited to fly.  It was about 4am.

 Flew light.

 Watched the sun rise.

 Ready to fly.

 Got picked up and then walked to Maggies for breakfast.

Took a train to the game.

Wanted a Mariner hat, but it was $27, so I got this one instead! It was on sale, so I only paid $12.

 Someone rooted for the Mariners for half the game,

but thankfully he figured out the real team to root for!

Train home.

Flew out at 7am the following day to make it to work at 8:30. Not so energetic.

Thankfully I made it just in time and my kids were decent!

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