Wednesday, May 06, 2015

More Light

   I decided I needed more light in my dinning room, because it was always so dark in there. I heard that mirrors can reflect some good light, so I looked up some options on Pinterest.  They had some options of using multiple door mirrors together to make big mirrors or to make a statement.  I thought that would be perfect for me.  So I went out to Walmart to get some. I brought them back and tried to hold them up and check them out and see what they looked like.
   Being single and not knowing any of my neighbors it was kind of hard to do it by myself.  I tried to stick them up with some tape, but they didn't hold long enough for me to really get a good sense of if I liked it or not.  So I decided to take them back, sadly I couldn't find the receipt, so I ended up keeping them.  A few weeks later, my parents were in town and they convinced me to just put them up.  It was hard to see where they should go and we did a bunch of testing them before I put them up.
  I went to Ace and got some nails to put them up, did a bunch of  hole making and then they were up. No fuss, no muss....although I'm not sold on them.   The top on kind of arches everything that is reflected in I think I will keep looking.

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