Sunday, April 05, 2015


Although typically I spend Easter with my niece and nephew. This year, I went to Kent to celebrate with my parents.  The night before we decorated eggs

  and then the following morning we went to church at Mountian View Cemetery! It has an amazing view and it was pretty cool to be at a cemetery on the day that Jesus rose from the dead.  It was a sunrise service,

so it was a bit cold, but coffee and donuts were provided.  When I passed the donuts, I thought, only if they only have my favorite one will I have one...and guess what?!?!? They did!
We then came home and got easter eggs hid and brunch made, so my cousin and her two kiddos could come over and we could celebrate with them.  We had a great time after they arrived and yummy food.
Later on, I got to find my basket. It had a  TWIX Easter egg, some peanut m&ms, and tootsie roll lollipops.

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