Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bought It...Took It Back

I went to Spokane Discount and saw some great new blue chairs that I was super excited to have on my lanai.  They were the zero gravity type.  I left the store without the chairs, cause I couldn't come to bring myself to spend $44 each at a discount store.  All the stuff at Spokane Discount is the stuff that is returned from Costco and then is resold.
Well, I continued to think about them through the night and then decided to go back and get them.  On my way to the store in the valley, I stopped at the store on the north side and found a chair that was red, but a little faded. I bought it thinking that maybe it would match one at the other store just in case the blue ones weren't there.

Thankfully I did buy that one, because when I got out to the Valley the blue ones were gone and the only ones they had left were a super faded green one and a beautiful green one.  The faded green one worked amazingly, but was too faded for me. The beautiful green would have given me Christmas chairs, but the chair didn't work.  It would only lean back, lean back.
So I went home with only the red chair.  I tried it out for a few days. I painted in it and napped in it, but I just didn't fall in love with it. I could never fully sit up in it and when I bent my legs the chair leaned back.
So back it went today...and now I have a gift card to buy other things there...hmmm what to buy!

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