Sunday, March 08, 2015

Day 8 Days of the Month

8 - Women's Day: Tell us about an important woman in your life.
There are so many important women in my life. I seem to be, some sort of, collector of them.  And they all play an integral part of my life at different times and in different places!  So if I had to pick just one, I will choose to share about the one whom I just spent the weekend with doing girly things and the person I will be spending a week with this summer following my traveling dream.

Cassie Nalley (who I typically call Nalley, because we use to work together and we go by our last names) and I met when she first interviewed to work at my school. I was super excited when she got hired (she was my first choice), but we didn't really hang out until one day when I sent out a text message to all the people in my phone to see if anyone wanted to go out and get Mexican.  She was the only one that responded, so we went and ate. She was super quiet and didn't say much. I thought, Great! I guess we won't do that again. I can't talk the whole time.  Little did I know, there were reasons she was so quiet and luckily enough for me, we did go out again and our friendship grew into the super strong bond we have now.  We have both moved away from the school that we first worked at and are 3 hours apart from each other, but not a week goes by without a text or an email and not a month goes by without us seeing each other.  We have travelled together in the States and internationally.  We have tons of fun doing just about anything (alphabet adventures) and everything.  She is person I call when I need to vent as well as the person who goes dancing with me until the wee hours of the morning.  She is strong, confident, trustworthy, funny, a thinker, caring, and  outstanding.    She enjoys sports, movies, music, and reading books just like me.  I, for sure, love that girl!

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