Sunday, March 22, 2015

Arm Knit Blanket

So I bought this yarn a really long time ago and tried to make a Arm Knit Blanket. Instead of using needles to knit the blanket you use your arms.  First you make the loops on one arm.  Making sure they are tight.

Then you start your knitting to move the yarn to the other side. But see how mine is super loose...well it had to do with the fact that my arms are really big and I think that I was using the wrong type of yarn.  It didn't seem to work and after half a day I stopped.

So instead, I tried to return the yarn...sadly it was past 90 days, so I didn't get to return the $60 worth of the yarn.  So I bought a crochet hook and started to make a blanket.  And I crocheted and I crocheted and I crocheted! It was hard work and my thumbs really were hurting and I'm still not done a week later.

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