Saturday, January 18, 2014

Non-Stop, but Tons of Fun

This morning I started the day with a 7 mile walk/run.  It was really long and I was so ready to be done way before I was anywhere close to my house! Good thing I didn't bring my phone, so I couldn't call anyone to come and get me.  I did it and wondered what the heck it's going to be like when 7 miles is only 1/4th of what I'm doing!

 My mom and I went "poppin tags" and I got a vest for my birthday party and she got snowpants.
Then I met up with my girlyfriends for Roller Derby!

Although I hadn't seen any since I was little one, watching it on tv, it was pretty fun watching it. I even picked the two winning teams.  The best part was the names of the girls. They were hilarous.

 On the way home, I stopped and got groceries for tomorrow and I just realized I forgot the 2 main ingredients! Damn!!! Have to go back to the store.  How do you like that, Rondee?  I'm so ready for bed!

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