Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Five on the J-O-B

Today we hung around home most of the day and then headed out to the Indian Park. Nieceroo made some friends and the Nephew swung in the swings after a few snacks. On the way home we made a little stop at 7-11 for Slurpees cause it was soo hot, then it was home for lunch and then naps. Nieceroo and I had a Tea Party after naps and then headed off to ballet. Usually she gets dropped off and then the nephew gets put in childcare, but I had to be a member to put him in! Nuts! So he and I ended up playing the whole 45 min. while nieceroo was in ballet. The nephew really enjoyed watching the aerobics class.
We came home and had spaghetti for dinner and then the parents Skyped with the kids. It was super funny to watch. The kids were excited to see them. Nieceroo wanted to show her parents everything she got and the nephew just wanted to touch the computer. After the call, we headed out to froyo (aka frozen yogurt) I walked, so my froyo calories wouldn't count and pushed the kids in the stroller. We ate our froyo and then headed back just as a 5k was finishing on their road. We saw the last finishers finish. The second to last finisher was 3 and sporting a mohawk and the last finisher was only 2 yrs. old. They took an hour and a half to finish.
We came home and chatted a few minutes with the neighbors. Then it was inside for baths for both kids and then to bed to prepare for the last day.

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