Thursday, June 02, 2011

Happening in My Classroom

School is finally coming to a close and my kids have been a little crazy with the weather and the full moon. I've recently been testing them on their reading skills: how fast they can read and what they understand from their reading. Some did a great job with the understanding where as others were totally lost.
The story was about a cat, Whiskers, that watched the grass move, thought it was a mouse moving it, crouched down and slowly crept along the grass and then pounced on the mouse. The cat didn't bite him but used his paw to swat the mouse, that didn't kill the mouse as he got up and tried to get away. But that was when the cat swatted him several times and then picked him up and carried him to his house, where his mistress opened the door for him.
So question 1: What was the story about?
Answers: "a cat", "a mouse and a cat" "a cat who had whiskers"
Question 2: What made the grass move to and fro?
Answers: "the cat" "the mouse" "the wind"
Question 3: What does crouch mean?
Answers: "get low" "move on the ground" "crawl" "something you sit on" - another kid just showed me and had no words
Question 4: What does pounced mean?
Answers: "crawl" "leap" "jump" "move on the ground" -shrug of the shoulders
Question 5: Where does the cat take the mouse?
Answers: "to his house" "no where, he just eats it" "to his sister's" "in his mouse?"

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