Monday, April 25, 2011

Prayer Monday

Prayer Monday couldn't come soon enough...last week I could have used Prayer Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It was a rough week.

Prayer Requests For Me
  • paitence
  • forgiveness
  • faith
  • truth

Prayer Requests for Others
  • for my friend's dad who will have surgery to remove a tumor
  • for safe travel as people head over the pond to the Royal Wedding and to Spokane for Bloomsday
  • for taking new opportunities when they present themselves.

Lord Jesus,
Thank you for everything and everyone you have blessed my life with. How amazing that you died for all of us, so we could be saved. I'm truly humbled by that.
May I continue to walk in your way each day. Not blaming, but letting it go. Not letting it fester, but really forgiving. Not condemning, but accepting. I need help. Please help me to accept things in my life I cannot change and help me to change the things I can. Continue to watch over me and all the people you hold in your hands.

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CrysHouse said...

Thanks for joining Prayer Monday! We are so glad to have you :) I sat at my computer and lifted you up today. Feel free to join up again.