Saturday, February 19, 2011

Triathlon Training

This week I really made the gym work for me and worked my body over, which is a good thing. Yet I'm still trying to figure out the whole what day to do what on and how not to get burned out. Oh my!
So here was the schedule for this week:
Monday: 14 min. swim and 29 min. bike
Tuesday: 13 min. run and legs
H20 aerobics
Wednesday: H20 aerobics
Thursday: 19 min. swim (11 laps) and 38 min. bike
Friday: 24 min. swim (14 laps) and 48 min. bike
and I'll be walking on Sunday 45 min.

Lately I've been kind of worried about how much I've been working out and how I tired I am, but I couldn't find a fix for it other than sleeping more. Yet lucky for me, today I had coffee with a friend I did JVC with and she just got her personal training license and so she is going to help me out. She told me I might be over training with all I'm doing and that I need to eat more protein, cause I'm probably not getting enough if I'm tired all the time. So I'm going to send her my schedule and she is going to work something up for me that works. Whoo hoo! We are both excited about this joint venture.


sarahmarie0730 said...

It sounds like you have a great workout schedule! Can you alternate the bike and the treadmill?

Also, I think some whey protein would be really good for you. I usually have 1 scoop mixed w/ water after a really intense workout. It helps your body not burn off muscle, according to my trainer.

kilipohi said...

It isn't too bad, but I'm trying to fit an extra workout in without increasing my days of going to the gym and it isn't seeming to work. I don't quite understand the Alternating the bike and treadmill question though? Do you mean like swim and run the same day rather than swim and bike. I'm sure I could, but I think they are together for a reason, what that reason is I don't know yet, but I'm sure there is some purpose.

Yeah my friend suggested whey protein, she also suggested koshi cereal and greek yogurt would also be good ways to get that extra protein.

Anonymous said...

my trainer likes when i eat a greek yogurt approx 45 min to one hour before our workouts because there's enough protein, sugar, and carbs to get me thru our workout, without me feeling light-headed... keep up the good work!


kilipohi said...

thanks melissa! I tried the greek yogurt today and it was gross!!! I had it in my shake and my shake was way tooo thick!
I think I'll try the koshi