Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Relay for Life

This year we walked for more people than we walked for last year, which makes me sad to say. I wish the list would shrink and not grow, because that would mean we were getting a handle on this disease called cancer.
Each year my team, Team H.U.L.A, has walked in the Tacoma Relay for Life raising money to help fund research for cancer. It is always a great time with us consistently getting in trouble for being too loud at night! We decorate our tent, bring tons of food, and walk our booties off! This year I walked 13.5 miles. I loved it.

This little one spent his time blowing his horn, running away from us, and then stopping waiting for us and then blowing his horn again.

Our tent, which won Best Decorated Tent this year!

Walking to do some hula at different tent sites.

Hula on the track

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